2.9.11  12:47pm

Obligatory birthday post.


  8.2.10  1:56pm

Hey, I'm not dead! Woo. Most of my updating is done on Facebook these days.

I'm bummed that money is tight right now, I want to see Megadeth in two weeks. They're supposedly playing the entire Rust in Peace album. I'm kicking my own ass for not realizing they'd be in town sooner.

Speaking of money being tight, I've got a bunch of random shit on Ebay. As I clean the house, I might find more stuff to throw up there.

I'm being harassed by a nutty guy lately. I've put him on ignore in my games and IM services so he's telling people all sorts of things, everything from I'm crazy to I'm in love with him. He's threatened to go after my boyfriend, my friends, anyone in my life unless I start talking to him again. Sometimes, I hate the internet. Just being female and polite gets you creeps and stalkers. I'm just going to have to be more careful I guess, download one of those ventrilo voice changers so I can sound like a manly man. Maybe then people would leave me alone.


  12.15.09  2:15pm

Hey locals, would you or someone you love appreciate a 6 foot tall Twilight Jacob dude?

http://didicam.com/CS/doolie/doolie%20%282%29.jpg Here he is in action!
http://didicam.com/CS/doolie/Img_0507.jpg Here he is getting some action!
http://didicam.com/CS/doolie/Img_0518.jpg He loves the outdoors!

We bought it for a party, he was a stand in for a friend who couldn't make it, now I need to get it out of my living room. $20, makes a great gift to scare the shit out of someone Christmas morning by standing it at the foot of their bed. Despite all the things we did with him, he's in pristine condition.


  12.13.09  11:47am

I haven't cleaned puke off the walls since I first started dating Noah. That was quite the impromptu party last night, holy shit.

Happy Birthday, Ben.


  11.25.09  12:52pm

Tis the bloody season.

Amazon fun stuff wishlist - http://amzn.com/w/26U9W84QTAJWL
Amazon stuff under $15 wishlist - http://amzn.com/w/1CAWI57ANRJ8L
Amazon household (Hershel and Mike would use it too) list - http://amzn.com/w/3L2PED8OCBXFX
Torrid wishlist - http://www.torrid.com/torrid/wishlist/viewSomeonesWishList.jsp?EM=ek1%3A6a1efc6508d76bd19487cf61ea7fee58&bmUID=1259169796583

My holiday cards and gifts will be going out in the next couple of weeks. If you want one, drop me an email with your addy.


  11.8.09  11:49pm

I just made brunswick stew from scratch and it was amazing. That is all.


  11.7.09  3:01am

So we're going to be hosting a D&D 3.5 game here soon. I'm quite excited. I may have to resurrect Yu... muahaha.


  10.30.09  4:19am

So cool, I can't help but share it everywhere. My WoW char and her beau.

piece of heaven - commission
by ~monkeyeye on deviantART


  10.5.09  3:48am

Jasmine just opened in Auburn, we ate there tonight. The sushi was top notch, very good. The tempura, too. Their Chinese fare was good, as were their soups and salads. The teppanyaki wasn't very good, too salty for my tastes and a bit overcooked. We didn't sit at a cooking table though, from what I saw of the people who did, their food was really good and the chefs are super talented, far beyond the guys at Osaka and the like. So I guess I'm saying don't order hibachi stuff from the kitchen. I have to say the sushi and the salad was the best part of the meal, though. We got their snow mountain maki and it was amazing. Prices are about average and maybe even a wee bit cheaper than Bauhinia and the other Japanese/Chinese spots in the area. I think we'll be going to this one often since it's right down the street.

tl;dr - I like to eat.

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  9.20.09  1:02am

This has possibly been one of the saddest days of my life. I feel so bloody helpless. Is it right to just look the other way when you know someone is being awful to someone else? Lying to them, cheating on them? Or is it meddling, should you just ignore it and let them sort it out?


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